Ridgemont Public Library

Ridgemont Public Library - Mt. Victory

Ridgemont Public Library Branch - Ridgeway

The Ridgemont Public Library is a school district library serving two villages and surrounding areas.

Ridgemont Public Library - Mt. Victory, Ohio
On January 1, 1938 seven citizens of the Mt. Victory-Dudley school district organized and formed the Mt. Victory-Dudley Public library which was housed in the Mt. Victory Local School. It made two moves, first in 1955 to 106-108 E. Taylor Street, the current home of Go-Fer Pizza. Then in 1986, it moved to its present location, a former meat locker at 124 E. Taylor Street Mt. Victory, Ohio. 

Ridgemont Public Library Branch - Ridgeway, Ohio
In 1938, The Ridgeway Public Library began in a locker room in the basement of the old Ridgeway school. When the Mt. Victory and Ridgeway schools consolidated in 1963 the library left the school to make room for classes and moved uptown to a restaurant owned by Bill and Phyllis Whetsel on the corner of Main and Oak St., where the fire department now stands. It later moved a few doors down to 109 S. Main St. into a property owned by Fuzz & Mary Oates. In 1990 the library purchased the general store formerly owned by Jim & Mary Minix at 105 S. Main St. to expand to its present size.

On January 1, 1974, The Ridgeway and Mt. Victory Libraries consolidated to become the Ridgemont Public Library.
The Ridgemont Public Library serves the Ridgemont School District.

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