Library Cards

Interested in a Library Card?

Why should you get a card?

  • Free books galore. From mysteries and graphic novels to cookbooks and biographies, your library has something for readers of all ages and interests.

  • Movies, music, magazines, and more.

  • Access to databases and courses.

  • Create independent learners.

  • Libraries can offer space for homeschooling families to meet and interact with one another.

  • If your child has a topic that interests them, then chances are the library has a book on the topic.

  • Online learning programs.

  • Language DVDs, CDs, and books.

  • Access books and audiobooks online

Click the PDF below to see our borrower rules

Borrower Rules.pdf

Digital Library Cards

Don't have time to stop in the library? You can sign up for a digital library card right here online. If you want to use it to get physical items, just stop in the library and we will switch it over! Click on the photo to be taken to the digital card registration.