The Library is pleased to accept financial contributions for the purchase of books in memory or in honor of a person or for a specific event.

Donors are encouraged to suggest the type and subject of a book(s) that would be appropriate. Library staff will choose specific titles based on the donor's request and our existing selection criteria for the collection.

After the memorial book is purchased, the donor will receive a letter acknowledging the donation of the specific book(s). A book plate is placed in the front of each book listing the name of the honored person and the donor.

Please stop in either library during open hours and we can help you with the forms.

If you would like to make a memorial donation, you can download and print our form here.
Please mail the form with payment to whichever location you would like the item placed:

Main Library Branch Library
Ridgemont Public Library Ridgemont Public Library
124 E. Taylor St. 109 S. Main St.
PO Box 318 PO Box 2
Mt. Victory, Ohio 43340 Ridgeway, Ohio 43345

*Forms may also be dropped off at the Library during open hours.

We are currently in the middle of digitizing all of our memorial files,
so right now you cannot see the all the memorials and names.
Please be patient as we update these files.

Memorial Listings

Alexander, Linda

Althouse, Mark

Ansley, Brian

Ansley, Kia

Ansley, Krista

Ansley, Naomi

Ansley, Robert

Artis, Than

Barnett, Mary

Barrett, John

Bell, Mary & Frances

Black, Gene

Blair, Audrey

Blair, John

Blazer, Frances Robinson

Burrey, Dick

Burchett, Floyd

Candler, Gerald "Jerry"

Candler, Mabel

Carr, Carylton

Charlie, the Best Bad Dog Ever

Clark, Doug

Clark, LLoyd

Copp, Jim

Corwin, Beth

Craig Jr., Bill

Craig Sr., Bill

Cramer, Allen B.

Creviston, Methel

Cromer, James Nathan

Cronley, Juanita

Crooks, Marjorie

Curlis, Bill

Deckard, Mary (In Honor of her 53 years of Service to the Silver Star Circle)

Derr, Helen

Dickinson, Janice

Dickinson, Leon

Dugan, Donald Allen

Dugan, John

Dugan, Troy

Dugan, Wayne

Eastman, Reggie

Elsasser, Irene

Emmert, Morris "Bud"

Endsley, Edward

Evans, Dean

Fawley, Clarence

Fish, Clarence

Fisher, Bertha

France, Virginia

Gallegos, Tony

Gardner, Rosie Johnson

Gibson, Dorothy

Gill, John

Griffith, Jackie Rogers

Guider, Nelson

Halsey, Marvin

Hill, John

Hill, Laverne

Hill, Marion

Hill, Stella

Hogue, Nadine

Holland, Carrie

Memorial Listings

Jacobs, Earl

James, Helen

Johnston, Betty

Jordan, Starling

Kavanagh, Betty

Keller, Marge

Kelley, Howard Buck

Lautzenhiser, Sandy Heyl

Lay, Beddie

Lay, Bob

LeVally, Goldie

LeVally, Iona

Liford, Arnold

Logan County Farm Bureau

Mabrey, Virginia

Madison, Gary

Madison, Mary

Madison, Nova

McBride, Dennis

McCalla, Bessie

McIntosh, Bernice

McNeal, Dennis

Moore, Jim

Mouser, Bertha

Mouser, Chuck

Mouser, Steve

Murdock, Bob

Murdock, Lewis

Newland, Bob & Helen (In Honor of their many years of foster parenting)

Newland, Dan

Parsons, Hazel

Payer, Jim

Payer, John "Mike"

Perry, Eleanor (Woodard)

Perry, Merritt

Phelps, Opal

Pleasant, DVM, Dr. James W.

Purcell, Lacey Holbrook

Ramsey, Florence

Ramsey, Marjorie

Ramsey, Newton

Ramsey, Olive

Ramsey, Richard

Rapp, Charles

Rapp, Dorothy

Rapp, Phil

Rapp, Sarah

Retterer, Ron

Retterer, Terry

Riley, Doug

Riley, Howard

Memorial Listings

Saiter, Delbert

Sams, Donna

Sherman, Marianna

Shroyer, Alma

Shroyer, Leland

Sieg, Karl

Sieg, Nina

Stine, Doris LeVally

Stough, Fannie

Stuck, Jeannette

Sullinger, Charles

Terrill, Helen

Terrill, Matthew C.

Wallace, Virginia Copp

Williams, Maude

Wingfield, Mary Ann

Young, Beatrice

Young, Cecil

Young, Jeanne